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Meet Carol

I’ve always had a deep-seated desire to help make things easier for my clients. This passion has fuelled my pursuit of excellence in the area of event planning and it is the reason I so enjoy this work. My greatest satisfaction comes when I have made things as stress-free for the client as possible and I know that everything has run smoothly.

I’ve been involved in the hospitality industry planning events for over 13 years, having acted as a catering consultant and manager. In these roles I have coordinated numerous events at the hotel level, from fundraisers and weddings to conferences of up to 800 people. Two of the most complex events have been facilitating Crop Production Week and the Saskatchewan Beef Industry conference at the Saskatoon Inn.

The difference between good and great event planners

The best events create a unique experience for those in attendance. This requires using the right products and services from the vendors that best suit your event. A good event planner can help you find a venue, caterer and equipment. A great event planner will find you the best of these things within your budget.

There are potential pitfalls in every event. Meals need to match the people in attendance. The agenda needs to fit the rhythm of the day. Transitions between sessions need to be carefully considered. A good event planner can manage problems as they arise. A great event planner avoids them in the first place.

While it is always best to avoid problems sometimes situations arise that cannot be anticipated. The best event planners offer creative solutions with professionalism and composure.

With Executive Arrangements you can rest easy knowing your event is in the hands of someone with the knowledge and experience to plan it well, avoid the pitfalls and help deliver a great experience.

Contact Carol Tebay at: 306-241-2308 or by email: carol@executivearrangements.ca

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